Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jump Right In... I'm just crazy about blogs. My blog crush list is a mile long. I've been wanting to start my own but worried - how will it look, what if no one is interested, what if I don't have anything to say? So I'm just going to jump in and get started. If it sucks, I'll live with that. I'll try not to copycat other blogs, but it's going to be hard, because I just LOVE what other people are doing. So that's where I'll start: with a list of the blogs and sites I visit on a regular basis and just drool over. Check these out, they are just yummy! Just a few to begin...

Tara Frey {typing out loud} at is so gorgeous and'll love her house!

This Young House at Like Martha Stewart, only younger and cooler.

Lime in the Coconut at A vacation and a home tour all wrapped into one. Moms of little children be warned: these gorgeous rooms (see left) are fabulous, but not sticky-finger-poopy-diaper-sand-filled-sneakers-friendly!

Stitch Rip Repeat at Blog drool! SRR is my crush for the perfect combination of home reno, graphic design, vacation pix, crafty creativity, home-based craft business success, and shout outs to her creative friends! Yay Beth!

A Life's Design at I just keep coming back to this blog for gorgeous design ideas. Again, not always kid-compatible...but a girl can dream...
Happy Blogging...see you soon!

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