Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Empty nest...

The middle of last week when I went to check on our baby birds {see "So tweet..." post below} there was only one baby left. And when I approached the nest he flew away. And I mean FLEW AWAY. There wasn't any hesitation. No landing a few feet from the nest and struggling to get back up again. He was ready to fly - so he flew away and didn't come back. How is it possible that they went from brand-new babies to grown up birds in just a few days? Or maybe it was just the amazing amount of bird poop around the nest that drove them away. Either way, it kind of made me sad.

But! Look what we have now...

In the other geranium, there's a new House Finch nest with three perfect little eggs. Doesn't that just look like the warmest, softest place to hatch little baby birds? Can't wait to meet the new babies! Too bad for the geranium, though, as I don't give them much water when there's a nest in there.

And...out back in the pyracantha there's a Mockingbird nest and look at these gorgeous little eggs. Isn't the color just the best? GOOOO nature!

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