Saturday, November 21, 2009

$75 bathroom remodel ~ before and after...

On the bright side...moving into a house that was built (and decorated) in 1970, is that you have lots of opportunity for improvement. We did quite a bit of remodeling when we moved in: installed lots of recessed lighting, removed nine (yes nine!) different wallpapers, removed arches in the living room and replaced with an entryway pony wall, and painted the whole place. The bathrooms were more of a challenge. In the kids' bathroom, we've done two rounds of remodeling - the first when we moved in two years ago, and the last just this week. Here's what we did:
Here are the Before Before pictures - note the lovely wallpaper and dark tile:
For our first go-round we removed the wallpaper, resurfaced the walls, painted, removed the medicine chest/mirror (which hid a huge hole in the wall), replaced the light fixture, towel rack and toilet paper holder:

Last week I (yes, just I, by my little ol' self) pulled out the old baseboards, put down new flooring, put in new baseboards, painted the vanity and changed out the vanity knobs:

The new flooring is kind of the same color, but so nice and clean and - even though it's peel and stick vinyl planks (better for a bathroom as it is water-tight) - really looks like wood and feels like real wood under the feet.

Note the lighter vanity and new brushed nickel knobs.

Pretty new baseboards make such a difference! Chiseling out the old baseboards and mitreing the new ones was the most challenging part of the job...but fun!
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jmberrygirl said...

Awesome! I'm impressed. WE're purging 1978 from our home. Neither of us was alive then, and we're both kind of thankful to have missed it...