Monday, August 16, 2010

i {heart} craigslist...

...almost obsessively. I may spend too much time perusing Craigslist, but I've found some pretty good treasures. Sooo...while looking for a great deal on a dresser to re-do, I found this ad that one funny CL'er posted in my area last week:



I'm here to help those of you who cannot spell, know nothing about furniture and are aggravating beyond belief!

If your piece is NICE and NEW and BEAUTIFUL it'd better be. . . that means no scratches, no stains, no dings (plus remember that this is YOUR opinion - not necessarily the person who is thinking about purchasing it).
If your piece is over 10 years old it is NOT 'contemporary' or 'modern'.
Add the color or finish so people do not waste their time opening your post if the piece is not what they are looking for in the first place (plaid, expresso, floral, green, blue, maple, oak, etc.)
Add the style of the piece: Southwest, retro, mission, Queen Anne, (even add OVAL or OCTAGONAL to make it more clear), etc.

Wrought Iron (NOT Rod iron)
Armoire (NOT armor, armour)
Ottoman (NOT ataman)
Dining table (NOT dinning table)
Wood (NOT wooden)
Chaise lounge (NOT chase)

Bookcases have shelves - they are NOT called 'shelves'
Console tables or sofa tables are wide and tall (usually to be placed BEHIND a sofa or as an entryway table)
Know the difference between a SLIPPER chair, ARM chair, CLUB chair and CHAISE lounge.
A sofa will easily seat 3 people - that means a large chair or love seat is just that - NOT a sofa.
Tall dining tables are typically known as PUB tables.
A DRESSER is a wide-horizontal piece with drawers side by side.
A CHEST OF DRAWERS (NOT 'chester drawers') is a taller piece with drawers vertically laid out in the piece.

You are welcome for my help. :-)

I am sure this will cut down on the random inquiries you receive from potential buyers and make your selling experience better for all.

Remember too, the more intelligent you sound, the better quality of potential buyers you will get and you will probably be able to make more money.

Thanks for listening.

Sell away!

PS: BTW - it's a garage or yard SALE to SELL product or goods. Do not mix those up.

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C'est Magnifique said...

OMG! This cracks me up!!! I am continually amused (and irritated) by people who cannot spell and don't know what they have! I love your tips unfortunately those irritating/amusing people are probably NOT going to take your advice because they probably have never heard of a blog!! LOL! Made my evening though!