Friday, May 6, 2011

craigslist fail...

This is why Craigslist needs to offer some kind of spell check tool:

hey i am moveing soon i need to sale all of my bulding items left over from remolding my home that i will be saleing also but geting back to the other items like lost of wood /incellation new in rolls/self stick tile new in boxes/12"x12"/5gals of panit/panit cans new/nails new/ steel new/cocking new'wood gule new/ windo frams/ sreen new/ lights new/what we need is for some one that can buy all of it at one time this* lot *.of items is BIG so you would need a truck to move all a one time takeing offers right now by appoment only there is so much more to see so please let us know asap .thank's for looking-!!!!!!!!


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Lisa said...

Bwahahahaa!! That's priceless!