Monday, July 20, 2009

Critters in my chimney...

Saturday night the fam was relaxing on the couch when we heard this strange squealing coming from somewhere in - or around - the house. We tracked it to the fireplace, where we discovered that we have 2 small raccoons in our chimney. We've been trying to get them out...without luck. I even googled "raccoons in the chimney" and discovered that, apparently, this isn't an uncommon thing. Long story short, we haven't heard them today, and can't see them down the chimney, so we think they somehow climbed out by themselves.

Aren't they cute? Maybe we'll keep them...

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Sherry said...

We had a similar experience with a baby dove in our chimney. We finally called Rural Metro to send someone to reach just above the flue and it was released back into the wild. The permanent fix has been chicken wire over the top of the chimney.
Of course then you miss the cute pictures...Sherry