Thursday, January 21, 2010

bathroom inspiration

So now that we're done with our quicky-and-cheapy re-do of the kids' bathroom, I'm dreaming of re-doing our "master" bath as well. I use the word "master" loosely in this case because it's hardly a large or luxurious space. In fact it's not much bigger than the kids' bath (yay 1970!) So, with that, and our budget, in mind I've been searching for some ideas.

First, I began thinking that I'd like to replace our old, ugly, rotting vanity with an old dresser - one that's been refurbished to accomodate plumbing and that looks pretty. I am also thinking about ripping out the old tile and just staining the concrete underneath (instead of installing new tile, wood, or whatever). But more on the flooring later.

Here's my bathroom inspiration:

This is the one I just keep coming back to over and over again. I like the finishes, the simplicity of lines and the size is probably just about right for my bathroom. If we did a smaller vanity like this (our current one is 72" long) we would have space to put in a cabinet as pictured above. I even like the mirror and light. Go see the vanity makeover at Pattern of Life's blog!

From Kitchen and Bath Ideas.

Another of my favorites from

Not my style, but so cute. From

So original and adorable! From Boxwood Terrace's blog.

Another one from House and Home.

Love love love the french doors leading to a flowery patio! From Country Living.

This is a twist on the dresser idea: turn a living room console table into a vanity and hide your stuff in cute baskets underneath. Not sure how do-able that would be in my bathroom, but I love this picture. From

Thanks for looking! Have any fab bath ideas for me? Have you done a cool bathroom makeover? Let me know!

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