Saturday, August 13, 2011

virtual travel...

Since we don't have the time or money to be the world travelers we'd like to be...I like to explore the world virtually. Microsoft used to have a tagline, "Where do you want to go today?" I've always thought of the internet that way - as something that can take you anywhere in the world, on your computer.

And have you ever tried out Google Earth? It's so interesting. Just zoom in on any part of the world and explore. And, in most cases, you can see the street-level view as well. So cool.

So I thought I'd share some of my virtual travels, in just a picture or two at at time. Today...Marrakesh. I know that many Americans have zero desire to visit the Middle East or Africa, but I just find them so alluring. Here we go...

Many of these pics are from this incredible website called where some really skilled photographers post photos from around the world. Go check it out!

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