Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: My disorder, part deux

So people?  

At that very same church rummage sale I bought some other stuff.  

Remember the green-framed mirror?  I forgot to load it into my car on Friday afternoon.  And by the time I realized that I had forgotten it, they were closed.  So of course I had to go back FIRST THING in the morning to make sure they didn't sell my precious mirror to anyone else.  What I did not realize is that Saturday was HALF PRICE DAY!  So, of course I had to  buy two more mirrors.  And those suckers were big and heavy, so I had to go home, get the hubby's truck and go back to pick them up.  Well, of course, as long as I had the truck with me - and little tables were selling for like $2 - I had to buy 3 little tables.  I swear, I was standing in the back of the truck muttering "my husband's going to kill me."  Pretty sure those church rummage sale people think I'm a little crazy.  But!  Look what I got:

 {husband was disappointed that the top of this table was not real leather.  doesn't he understand that one cannot PAINT leather?  duh!}

{great legs}

I've already started painting and will be selling a couple of these sweet finds at - you guessed it - my office craft fair.  Yippee!

The grand total for this truckload of goodies?  About 15 bucks!

So what fantastic finds have you found lately?


Sherika Lovett Alston said...

WOW!! What great finds!! I definitely think I have the same disorder!! I have 2 nightstands I purchased from yard sale for $15! But they are sitting in the garage, since I have a load of other projects I have to finish! Happy painting!

Casandra said...

Don't ya just love a bargain? You scored! My d.h. would ask is it authentic wood or the particular stuff?