Thursday, April 14, 2011

craigslist fail...or hit?

Fail or Hit? You decide...

I searched for a king-sized headboard and found this:

And here's the info:

I use the term "pimp" very loosely. You don't have to be a pimp. I mean, I'm not. Definitely not. But this thing is big. 10'3" big. (' is for feet, " is for inches, by the way.) And when I say big, I mean long - from end to end it's 10'3". That's longer than my bedroom. Longer than all three of my bedrooms. One's actually converted into a little office, but that's besides the point. Perhaps they would be larger if I were a pimp. But I'm not. Definitely not.

Now what is this thing? It's a headboard for a california king bed. And it has a nightstand on either side combining all 3 pieces into one big unit. It's 4 feet high. It has a mirror that goes all the way across and LOTS of storage. It also has lights on it so that you can read in bed. This thing is OAK. That's wood from the OAK tree. Heavy! Way heavier than you think. You need a truck or an old VW bug that's also a flatbed. But once it's in your bedroom that's larger than mine (sure - rub it in why don't you) what it took to get it there will no longer be a concern. It'll be good ol' times that you can laugh about and reminisce about when you're good and old and your children's children are about to inherit this soon-to-be family heirloom pimp furniture. Moving it into their space will then be their problem, not yours. Just instill into them good work habits so that they have bedrooms that are bigger than mine. You know, like a pimp.

I say "fail" on the photo, but definitely a "hit" on the description!

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