Sunday, April 17, 2011

sample pics from the new camera...

I haven't really had a chance to play around with the custom settings yet. And yes, the gimmicks are, well, a little gimmicky. But this camera. So, here we go:

First, I experimented with the zoom. This camera has two or three times the zoom of my old camera. Here's the few from our hotel last weekend, without any zoom:

...and here's the same fountain, at about 15x zoom. I know that most cameras take good pictures outdoors, but I'm impressed with the resolution at high-zoom:

Note the tree in the middle of the picture has flowers on it:

...and here are those flowers close up - again, using full zoom at about 15x:

Takes great pics of always-on-the-move kids:

Same pic with a little "lightening":

This is the one that has impressed me most. A gecko on-the-move, taken quickly in "auto" mode, and with a slightly shaky hand. The pic is not fantastic:

...but look at the resolution when I crop that same photo. I'm impressed:

The lilacs in my backyard (that never last long, taken with the camera's "miniature" feature:

...and again with the camera's "color select" feature, where you pick one color, and then everything else is in black and white. I love the blurring in the background. There's a word for that, but I can't think of it:

TTFN...have a Happy Easter, everyone!

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