Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just wanted to share that we had a wonderful Easter surrounded by lots of family.

Then we went to the pet store to buy a mouse for my son - for which he has been begging and saving for months. Literally...he had $3 stapled to a list of things we needed to buy for his mouse that went something like this:

mouse food

mouse vitamins

mouse toy


[My mother noted that you are allowed a finite amount of exclamation points in your life, and T may have uselessly squandered a couple on his mouse list. I told her that I didn't think you get a finite amount of exclamation points, and to shut up about it!!!!!!!!!!!! But anywhooo...]

I should note that, when we were getting ready to leave for the pet store, the $3 had mysteriously disappeared - although the list had not. Hmm.

So...for two years we had a gerbil named Scurry. Scurry was social and sweet and smart and only bit T a couple of times. I can attest to the patience of the gerbil, as I have had the desire to bite T on dozens of occasions. But Scurry only bit him twice. Even though T deserved it far more often.

And while Scurry's cage could get a little stinky if we didn't clean it often enough, he was pretty much a non-stinky pet. [My husband would argue to the contrary, but we'll let him talk about that on his own blog. Oh wait...he doesn't have a blog. Too bad. But I digress...]

So...when T decided he wanted a mouse I thought - "Great! A mouse is smaller and therefore will smell even less than the gerbil." Right? Wrong. It's only been two days, and already I'm having little fantasies about the mouse's true role in the Circle of Life, and how I might hasten his demise without upsetting a) my son or b) the Circle of Life.

Thanks for listening. Now you know why this post is titled "TMI." Have a nice day.

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