Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rincon Valley Farmer's Market...

Yesterday was my first Saturday at the Rincon Valley Farmer's Market - and it was soooo much fun! The weather was gorgeous, the people were friendly, and I even made a few sales! I'm scheduled to go back on July 11th - come see me! Here's the entrance to the big barn. My table's right inside to the left.

Here's a shot of our display. Kate's tote bags are hanging on the wall. My stuff is on the table.

My friend Kate joined me and brought some of her awesome handmade totes...

And my mom came - shout out to my crazy-ass mom! Isn't the lighting in this picture great?

Made a few new friends today. Scott from Adventure Coffee Roasting is the world's nicest coffee guy. And his coffee is unbelievable. Seriously...go see Scott for fantastic organic coffee!

Rich from Yoga Saguaro / Local Southwest brought (among other things) gourmet olive oil and high-country lavender...heaven!

Produce in the farmer's market - there's nothing in the world like homegrown tomatoes!

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