Thursday, June 11, 2009

The World's Ugliest Bathroom...

I have the world's ugliest bathroom. Seriously. The worst. It's old. It's falling apart. It's kinda dirty. Just gross. So bad, in fact, that I hesitate to post photos of it here lest you recoil in shock and horror.

We were originally trying to do it on the cheap (IKEA) but have decided to splurge on some elements (like possibly travertine flooring). We have a shower stall with semi-newish tile and surround, and a semi-decent toilet with a lid that doesn't slam. You go to put it down and it just kind of glides down slowly and eventually closes. Weird. But it's staying. Loo and shower are both a neutral, light cream color and will pretty much go with the colors below. Oh...and we'll be replacing the glass shower door. I haven't been able to find anything other than clear glass. Does anyone know where I can get a 54" frosted glass shower door?

My DH and I set aside some of our tax refund specifically to remodel the bathroom. But we need to have a plan. So...I put together a little "inspiration board" and I'd like to know what you think!

Here are the elements as numbered:
1. inspiration room/colors
2. flooring - this is travertine - possibly from "A World of Tile"
3. vanity and top from Lowe's - we would put in a white vanity top, not this marbled version
4. brown towels from Target
5. brushed nickel faucet from Lowe's
6. brushed nickel and frosted glass sconce from Lowe's (maybe two of these)
7. brushed nickel drawer pull from Target (to replace the ones that come with the vanity)
8. "Fizzle" from Dunn Edwards
9. "Midnight Brown" from Dunn Edwards
10. "Trailing Vine"...from Sherwin Williams, I think
11. 30" Kolja mirror from IKEA
12. tall cabinet that matches the vanity

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Anonymous said...

you really need to post a before picture of you br. it's pretty bad, sorry to say. (i'll take it back if it means no more posting of bad pics of me!)