Friday, October 7, 2011

ten projects - tanner's map

Project Three:: Day Five 
(that's getting confusing, huh?)
Giant Framed Map


So I found this GIANT picture frame for $1.50 (what?) at a yard sale last Fall.  Not this Fall.  Last Fall.  So it's been collecting dust - along with lots of other crafty inspirations - in my garage for almost a year.  But this one...was NOT waiting for inspiration.  I knew exactly what I was going to use it for.

I wish I had some "before" pictures of the big map that was pinned to Tanner's wall.  The pins would fall out, and one corner would hang down.  Plus - all the holes in the wall?  Had to go.  And this frame was exactly the right size - YAY!  

So it got a few coats of black spray paint and a little too much distressing.

Then it was ready for the map.  I had the map laminated at a local teaching supply store (5 bucks!).  If you're taking on a project like this, I would HIGHLY recommend the laminating.  This map would likely have ripped apart if I'd tried to do it without laminate.

Anywhoo...first I taped the map to the back of the frame.  This allowed me to make sure that it was centered correctly without having to re-staple if it was off-kilter.  Also it allows you to get a nice tight fit and work out any wrinkles (literally) before you staple.  Then I reinforced around the edges with my staple gun.  Added a wire for hanging.

And voila!  

It looks good, and it's built to last.  Until Tanner decides he's sick of maps and globes and moves on to the next thing.

So what have you been up to?


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Sarah @ Hallway Happenings said...

I love some of the things you have been doing including the frosted jars. Great work and good luck for this week ;-) I'm you newest follower