Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Home Goals...

Now, these may be lofty.
And some may not get done. 
But I find that I always accomplish more when
I've set goals for myself (duh).
Especially if those goals are made in public
 - like on this blog. 

So, here are my room-by-room goals for 2012. 
This will be the first of several posts. 
You know...just to spread out the happiness. 

These are the big ones...
there are lots of little ones, too.
But I'm not going to share them all with you just yet!  :)

make a headboard for our master bedroom

There are so many amazing examples out there of
bloggers who've made their own headboards.

From upholstered or tufted...

{from Centsational Girl}

{Grace’s Upholstered Otomi Headboard from} upcycled and rustic...



Choosing a design is almost as hard as the actual
construction of the headboard itself.

make some interesting artwork for our master bath

I have a couple of cute, sepia colored pics of the
kids in our bathroom.  You can see the
bathroom from an old post here
And I also have this generic hotel-room artwork...

You can see it above...although this is a "before"
pic of my bathroom.  There's a big mirror above
the commode now, and the generic Asian artwork
hangs on the wall just to the right.
It's OK.  But it's generic.
Surely I can whip up something
interesting to replace it, right? 

Maybe something like this...

{from TransitDesign}

My husband bought me a shadow box YEARS ago,
that's just been sitting around in my store room. 
I live in the desert - far from the sea
 - but I know that Dollar Tree carries sea glass.
So what about something like this...


Or I could whip up a little DIY artwork, ala Lil Blue Boo...

Whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it!
And thats just two small rooms!

Next rooms!

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