Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolution...31 posts in 31 days

I'm feeling a little guilty that my posting has been so sporadic over the last couple of months.  We all have lots going on in November and December, but still I feel that, if you're gonna do it...DO IT!  And if you're not...then let it go.

But I enjoy my little blog, so I'm not letting go.

So in an effort to regain my mojo, I've decided to post something - anything - during each day in January.  Please don't hate me if it's not terribly exciting.

Having said that - my focus in January will be on resolutions for the new year (organizing is always a biggie for me) and on gratitude.  I want to be more 'present' with my kids and start flying again.

What I've learned through the years is to take baby steps.  
Little things make all the difference.  
January will be about baby steps.  Welcome 2012!

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