Monday, January 23, 2012

More Home Goals for 2012...

Up next...the kids' rooms. 

P's room is OK, but her closet is a disaster. 
When I get around to organizing it,
I'll share the horrifying "before" pics. 
For now, here's my inspiration:

{from The Container Store}

{from Ladies Home Journal}

{from Moxie Girl}

The Moxie Girl website suggests involving
your child in the cleaning/organizing process.  
It's a nice idea, but one that will make this
1-2 hour project into a 1-2 day project. 
Think I'll do it myself.

Next, I'd like to make some
changes to T's room. 
His closet needs a little organizing
(with a backhoe), but this
time around I just want to
focus on two things: 
Getting his dresser painted,
and putting up some curtains.

He's got blinds on his window,
but it needs a little dressing up. 
Here are some ideas:

From Kim at Too Much Time on My Hands...

 I LOVE the stick/curtain rod idea,
but may not have the
patience to pull it off. 
I really like the simplicity
of the design though,
and this is what I'm going for. 

And check out her vintage "fly" letters. 

I also like the idea of white curtains
with red trim (to tie in with
other red things in his room)...

 {from Decor Pad}

Or maybe these...

 {from 517 Creations}

And I just plain love
everything in this room. 
Wish I could do these built-ins...

{from Thrifty Decor Chick}

Next spaces!

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