Monday, January 30, 2012

Dreaming of subway tiles...

So I'm just on the verge of painting
my kitchen cabinets
(probably white, not green)
and I'm mentally on to the next project. 

Wouldn't white subway
tiles be just lovely? 

Do you think they
get dirty easily? 
In our last house we had
white tiled countertops and white tile
on the floor, and the grout got grungy. 

I wonder if the same happens to backsplash tiles?

{from Better Homes & Gardens}

{from Decor Pad}

{from House Designs School.  this one has me thinking about beige cabinets}


{from My Home Ideas}


{from Southern Living}


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this has come too late, but normal white grout will discolour with grease. The alternative is to get epoxy grout which us used commercially and won't stain...Hope it helps

maruf hosen said...

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